C.D. Blizzard


Swamps, alligators, deadly snakes. Illegal fishing, bad booze, and a river they called Blackwater.


It’s a place where a boy can dream…. The summer of 1965. That’s the year Mikey would never forget. It was the year he became a man. He’d been ten-years-old when Uncle Cotton finally managed to convince Mikey’s overprotective mother that what her little sissy-boy son needed was to spend the summer with a real man. Mikey was all too eager to comply. In their small Florida community, Cotton’s penchant for wildness had made him a celebrity, and there was nothing in the world Mikey wanted more than to get close to all that craziness and experience it for himself. Under the tutelage of this local legend, Mikey steps into a world filled with the sort of adventure he’d only imagined. But, by summer’s end, the innocence of youth is tarnished when a single chilling act shatters the boy’s idealistic view of his uncle.

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